What is phishing?

The threat from internet fraudsters is continually evolving. The best way to tackle these threats is to ensure you are always aware of them and how they work.

What is it?

Phishing is a technique used by fraudsters to obtain sensitive information such as passwords, Internet Banking logons and credit card details by sending an email or message pretending to be from a trustworthy organisation.

We will NEVER send you an email, text message or other communication that requires you to disclose your online banking password, card details or sensitive account information.

We'll also NEVER send you emails containing attachments pretending to be from Al Rayan Bank or Islamic Bank of Britain, IBB (our former name), or an employee of Al Rayan Bank or Islamic Bank of Britain. The attachments may contain fake documents such as forms or even viruses.

Protect yourself


You may receive emails that ask you to enter your personal information on a link provided. The website may look like the genuine site but is in fact a 'spoof', or fake, website designed to gather your personal details; this information may allow fraudsters to gain access to your account.

Text messages

Scams can be received by SMS text message. Typically you will receive a text message purporting to be from your bank or a known business requesting that you respond or follow a link to a website where you will be required to enter security or financial details (i.e. your card number and expiry date).

If you are unsure, you should call your bank or the business involved using a phone number you know to be genuine to question the validity of the message you received.

Phone calls

You should also be cautious when receiving unsolicited phone calls from people claiming to represent your bank or another business, especially where you are asked to provide information about your login credentials or card details. ‘Phishing’ is the term used for this process, where the caller’s objective for contacting you is attempting to obtain these details for their financial gain.

Don't be fooled

We may email you, call you or send you a text message from time to time, but will never ask you to disclose your Internet Banking details either through an email, text message or a website.

Report it

To help us identify any phishing attacks and to protect other customers, please forward a screenshot of any suspicious pages to webfraud@alrayanbank.co.uk.

You can also forward any suspicious emails to the same email address.

To take a screenshot, press Ctrl + PrtSc/Print Screen (this button can be found near the top of your keyboard). This will take a copy of the screen that you can see.

Paste this into an e-mail by right clicking on your mouse and selecting ‘paste’. 

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